Just a little info

I became sick of the setting I was in. I felt trapped in a system set up years before I was born. The typical “Go to school and get an education, use the education to find a steady and secure job” lifestyle. It seemed nice if you put it that way but I quickly began to realize I was exchanging 12 hours of my life a day for payment. I needed to find a way out. I was a rebellious 23 years old when I decided to stray from this trap. I call it a trap because it is. Work hard enough to afford a couple of payments on a house and a car, then work each month to pay those off. Most likely another payment will pop up or maybe even a child. You must keep working to pay your “possessions” off. Hell, it’s the norm isn’t it?
So how does one get out? This site is my journey, a show and tell if you will.
I’ll be posting updates and more background, and hope to tweak the site to allow for others to post their grievances, lessons, and stories for others to comment on.

All the best,